Helms Ferry

Helm’s Ferry is located at Straight Branch Rd, Speedwell, TN 37870.  It is one of the last working Ferries in TN.  Now that I have two Ferry rides under my belt, one on the St Johns River and one on the Kentucky River it was only appropriate that I ride a Ferry that is is mere 60 miles from my house.

It all started with a post from some of the chaps on the Time Warp Vintage Motorcycle club Facebook page.  Then a couple of months ago a trip was made to the Ferry but the winds were too high and it was not running.  The next trip was after several days of rain and the lake was too high and full of trash but in mid June of 2017 with my riding buddies Dennis and Chris we made another trip to the Ferry and fortunately it was running this time.

How to Get There

From Knoxville, take SR33 North across the HWY 33 Bridge. Take the first left onto Sharps Chapel Road.  Turn right onto Leadmine Bend road.  Follow to Stiner’s Road and look for the sign for the ferry on the right.

Now if you happen to venture out to ride the Ferry stop by Rhonda’s Kitchen and Deli for a great hamburger.  Rhonda’s address is 354 Sharps Chapel Rd. Sharps Chapel, TN 37825.