Nashville TN to Tupelo MS

Day two of my 2017 spring adventure I traveled south on the Natchez Trace to Tupelo MS.

The weather today was a lot better overcast but no rain so all was good.  I filled the tank with gas and found the entrance to the Natchez Trace.  The Trace from Nashville is a beautiful road smooth pavement and really nice curves to excite any auto or bike rider.

442 is the northern most marker and I hope to remember to take a picture at mile marker 1.


It was interesting to see the foliage change as one heads south.  Things are pretty well out meaning leaves on the trees etc but the trees were greener as I traveled down the road.  There is a lot of wildlife along the Natchez Trace, lots of Turkey, turtles and vulchers snacking on the days road kill.  I actually helped two turtles cross the road, the little guys were moving so slow and I was worried that they would end up for a vulchers lunch if I didn’t help.

I took many breaks at overlooks and historical markers and the most interesting was the Meriwether Lewis burial site this is the Lewis of Lewis and Clark and he was on his way to Washington to report on his trip when he passed away on the Trace.

The next stop was the Alabama State line then on to Mississippi and south.



The final stop before the hotel was in Tupelo MS and a visit to Elvis’s birthplace.  Man that is one tiny house.  long before tiny houses were vogue.