Panacia Coffee, Waynesville, NC

Panacia Coffee is housed an old warehouse on Commerce St.  in the Frog Level district of town.   The facility is roomy with many tables, chairs and couches.  There is also outdoor seating along the tree lined Plott creek.  Panacia roasts on premises and the smell of fresh roasted coffee fills the large spacious room.  As you enter through the front door you see the roaster and burlap bags of coffee lining the entrance.  There are exposed brick  walls and the menu is on a large easy to read chalk board behind the order desk.  There is also a bar area with solo seating for guests to enjoy a coffee and chat with the Barista.


Branded T shirts, hats and coffee mugs are available for sale, I had purchased a hat on a previous trip, actually I think it was on the return trip from Key West.  They have a large selection of sandwiches and salads along with a full variety of cold and specialty coffee drinks.  Although I don’t partake in such fare I would expect them to be as delicious as the roasted coffee available daily.  The coffee is served in a heavy mug with good temperature holding characteristics.

On this trip I had Mexican medium roast coffee and the Chicken Red Head, which consisted of chicken salad, wheat bread, tomato, lettuce and red onion.  A side of fruit and chips accompanied the sandwich.  I guess it gets its name from the red onion placed on top of the chicken.  In my younger days I had red hair and am very familiar with the term Red Head.


The room this afternoon was filled with lots of folks using the free Wi-Fi  heads down staring deep into their computers.  Just and many if not more were engaged in friendly conversation and enjoying a delicious cup of hot coffee.

I would highly recommend Panacia Coffee I am sure it will be an enjoyable experience for you, it has been for me on may occasions.