My first great adventure of 2016 Part 1

April 12, 2016 I loaded my Kawasaki Versys with two weeks of gear and headed south through the Great Smoky Mountains National park.  The weather was cool, foggy and some light rain.  As I progressed up the mountain to Newfound Gap naturally the weather got worse and by the time I got to the top of the mountain the fog was so thick you could hardly see.  A tour bus had stopped and the folks had trouble finding the restrooms in all the fog.  Me and a tour bus were the only ones there.DSCN1489

Leaving Newfound Gap the weather cleared and the ride to Cherokee was smooth and uneventful.DSCN1492

The rest of the trip down 441 through GA to my brothers house in Grayson GA was smooth sailing.  No more rain and little traffic.

While in the Atlanta area we went to Ham Radio Outlet a national chain of Ham radio stores and to Blue Moon Cycles.  Blue Moon is a BMW dealer but they sell Ural Motorcycles and it is a dream of mine to own one of these bikes some day.  The Ural comes with a side car and resembles an old BMW.  That way I could ride my Grandchildren and their dogs around in the side car.