My first great adventure of 2016 Part 5

4/19/16  Key West Florida.  Mary and I lived in Key West in the late 60’s and it was always a topic of conversation about a return trip.  Well we never made it, Cancer took Mary about 1 1/2 years ago and I think my trip this time on the motorcycle was a chance to look back at a wonderful  time in our lives and to relive some of the past memories.  Well I was disappointed in what I saw.  Key West now has a lot more people, the large high end stores have taken over and there are very few of the old Hippie style businesses I remember from a long time ago.  I guess that is progress and growth, I am sure every town wants to grow but with limited space on Key West the growth has taken a tole on ones ability to enjoy the island.DSCN1497

Parking was at a premium and being on the motorcycle made it easy to find a place to park.  Talking with the locals they tell me that people are having to move further north up the keys to find affordable housing.  I guess some 45 years makes a difference.


4/20/16  Headed north and stopped at Baby’s coffee for a little pick me up to get me charged for a long ride up the east coast of Florida.  Traveled 450 miles to just north of Daytona.